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Chatty Kathy English Course

Ace Your Interview in English

A Step by Step Guide to a SUCCESSFUL Interview in English

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YOU have to communicate your skills and experience in a clear and understandable way.

Hi ~ I’m Chatty Kathy and I’d like to tell you about an exciting new English course that I have written just for you!


A Business English Course that will take the STRESS out of interviewing in English!


My course will guide you, step-by-step towards feeling more confident about your English speaking skills during an interview.


I Wrote This Course Because…. 

1 – Over 90% of my students, at our first meeting; were unable to communicate their professional skills and experience in a clear and understandable way. YOU MUST be able to do this – there is no other way. YOU have to be able to tell the interviewer (in English) how great you are and why you are the perfect candidate for the position.

2 – Interviewing in English is SCARY! I hear this all the time from my students. They are fearful, they are nervous and they lack the confidence in their English skills to interview for the international career that they deserve.

And lastly – I know that there are many interview preparation courses on the internet, BUT my course was developed especially for YOU (the non-native English speaker) using my 22 years of experience helping students from all over the world succeed in speaking English with confidence!

Let’s be honest – There are unique difficulties that non native English speakers face when communicating their qualifications, skills and past work experience in a job interview. A course that is written for the average native English speaker is NOT going to help you!  My course is an interview course AND a Business English course that walks you through every step of the interview process while teaching you how to speak English confidently and clearly at each step.

Did you know? It only takes 30 seconds.

Yep, only 30 seconds….To send the message that YOU are the PERFECT candidate for the position. During the first 30 seconds the interviewer will gather an impression based on everything – from your appearance, handshake and eye-contact to the sound of your voice. You only get ONE chance to make a GREAT first impression and failing this critical step in the career search process will cost you the position.

What’s Included?

11 Easy to Follow Lesson Units

~ Here are some examples of what’s inside ~

The 3 things YOU must be able to talk about

I break down the international standard interview process into easy to navigate steps especially for Non-Native English Speakers. Each step is highlighted with a lesson and the English language requirements that must be achieved to have success at an English speaking interview.

WHAT DID YOU SAY? Accent Reduction

You can have perfect grammar, a large vocabulary and excellent listening skills – but if your accent is preventing the hiring manager from understanding you – you WON’T get offered the position. I have included an intensive Accent Reduction lesson that includes audios to teach you the critical aspects of proper pronunciation.

The ANSWERS to tough interview questions

YES, THE ANSWERS! This lesson includes sample answers to interview questions – so you understand the common layout and expectations for each question you will be asked. I also teach you my techniques to help you quickly and easily create your own unique answers to common interview questions.

“This Interview Course is just what ESL students are looking for!  A complete course that combines Business English instruction with Interview Preparation at a minimal cost compared to private classes”

Veronica, ClassClassifieds

Wait… there’s more!

Course Tools and Material

~ Here are some examples of what’s inside ~

Interview Audio

Audio recordings of common interview vocabulary (so that you will have perfect pronunciation at every interview) AND an audio recording of interview dialogue; so that you can realize and practice the intonation and rhythm of English.

Worksheet & Outline

I have included an outline to create a simple and effective layout to prepare your answers. Also included, is a worksheet to help you build the best answers to your interview questions. Just fill in your information for a clear and concise answer every time.


I know….. nobody likes to talk about grammar and I am sure that you studied grammar in school – but it is an important part of making a GREAT impression. I have included my Grammar Cheat Sheet so that you can avoid grammar mistakes at your next interview.

Who is this Course for?

I designed this course especially for YOU the non-native English speaker!


The Professional Business Person

You have been thinking about applying for a job at an international company but you are nervous about your English skills!

The International Professional

You have a job at an international company but you need to improve your English skills in order to stay competitive in the international job market!

The Professional Student

You love to challenge yourself and learning Business English sounds like a great idea for future career opportunities!

Do you already have a career in an English speaking company?

Don’t think my courses are for you?  THEY ARE!

Even if you aren’t planning an interview in English right now, my course is a complete step by step course that will teach you how to communicate your knowledge, skills, experience and expertise in English. How to speak clear and concise English when answering questions, the appropriate grammar to use when talking about projects, experiences and education in past, current and future situations, AND cultural awareness and standards of the International business marketplace. 




Enroll in my Interview Course TODAY

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*Including all of the Course Tools & Materials


Did you know? 

 Phone interview fear is a common feeling for my international students.


Phone interviews do scare everyone, but it is more difficult for non-native English speakers to demonstrate their skills and abilities during a phone interview.

It is difficult because the interviewer cannot see your enthusiasm or read your body language and also because YOU can not see the interviewer. When you take away all visual cues, understanding the language is much more difficult. Inside my course I will teach you the skills that you need as a non-native English speaker for a No Fail Phone Interview.

Chatty Kathy English Courses

Improve Your English TODAY!


This is an introductory price and will end soon!

Interview Preparation Course + FREE Phone Interview Course
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A SMALL Investment to make in YOUR Future

Chatty Kathy English Courses

What Are Students Saying?

” I very much enjoyed this course. I practice everyday with Kathy’s interview audios. I am ready for all interviews now.”

Mosocw, Russia

“In this course I learned that the English language has a rhythm and you have to know that for people to understand you. Also, you have to know proper stress and intonation of the words and sentences. I think the Accent Reduction unit in this course was the most helpful to me.”

Bangladesh/Atlanta, GA

“I graduated from the university and needed to practice my English. The first thing that happened was a phone interview. I was anxious and I performed terribly. Then I took Kathy’s course and I improved. I am very happy with the results!”

Santiago, Chile

Chatty Kathy English Courses



This is an introductory price and will end soon!

Interview Preparation Course + FREE Phone Interview Course
Full Details

A SMALL Investment to make in YOUR Future