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Chatty Kathy English Course

Write Your Resume in English

A Step by Step Guide to create your PERFECT Resume in English

Chatty Kathy

If you want the PERFECT job, You have to write the PERFECT resume!

Don’t struggle for days writing your Resume in English. Take my course and write it in about ONE HOUR.

Hi ~ I’m Chatty Kathy and I’d like to tell you about an exciting new English course that I have written just for you!


A Business English Course that will make writing your Resume EASY!


Writing a formal resume can be difficult when English is not your native language. I’m here to help you write a PERFECT resume in English following the simple steps in my course.


I Wrote This Course Because…. 

1 – I have met with many students during my 22 years of teaching English and one of the most common requests I get is – “Kathy, could you help me write a resume in English” or students ask me to edit the resume that they have already written – poorly I might add.

2 – I see, and my students have copied, some very unreliable resume information from the internet; with poor format, structure and sometimes even grammar and spelling errors!

And lastly – When English is not your first language you need a guide written especially for non-native English speakers.  A course that you can follow to write an impressive Resume in English.

Let’s be honest – When an international candidate submits a resume that is poorly written and has English errors, they are not taken seriously for the position. If they do get a call for an interview or even manage to get a job offer, they will not be given the top salary because the hiring manager assumes that the candidate is not a true professional. A true professional that has a PERFECT resume CAN demand a professional salary!

Did you know? Hiring Managers Prefer a Chronological Resume.

In my course I will teach you how to construct a Chronological Resume – This format style lists your work history first starting with your most recent position and working backwards. Human Resource Professionals prefer this format because it allows them to follow your career progression when questioning you during an interview.

What’s Included?

Six Easy to Follow Lesson Units

~ Here are some examples of what’s inside ~

Resume Building Step by Step

I break down the resume writing process into 5 simple steps, with examples and easy to follow layouts for each section. This breakdown makes the whole process more manageable and efficient for you!

ATTENTION!! Use the Right Words

This is HUGE and by far the most important section of the course. I will teach you how and where in your resume to use ACTION verbs, POWERFUL adjectives and proper business vocabulary that will call attention to your resume and make an impact on hiring managers.

Grammar Keys

It is crucial that you use proper English grammar in your resume. I have included a lesson on proper verb tense (past, present, continuous and future) when writing about your past and present skills, responsibilities and projects.

“I wish all applicants would take Chatty Kathy’s Resume Writing Course.  I personally have seen numerous resumes from international candidates get passed by because of poor English skills.  Her course is a simple solution to what could be a life changing opportunity!”

Paul Powers, CEO Geo-Cultural Translations

Wait… there’s more!

Course Tools and Material

~ Here are some examples of what’s inside ~

Worksheet, Samples and Templates

A worksheet that outlines the step by step process of writing your resume. I have also included samples and templates that you can use to complete your resume quickly and with confidence. Just fill in the blanks or copy and paste!

IMPACT Word Lists

Make a positive impression by using the right adjectives and verbs to fit your field, experience, duties and responsibilities. I have arranged the lists by category – so all you have to do is consult the list and use some of the suggested words in your resume. EASY!



I want to make sure that your resume is written in your best English. It ABSOLUTELY needs to be grammatically correct, so I have included my Resume Grammar Cheat Sheet so that you can avoid grammar mistakes in your Resume.

Who is this Course for?

I designed this course especially for YOU the non-native English speaker!

The Professional Business Person

You have been thinking about applying for a job at an international company but you are nervous about your English skills!

The International Professional

You have a job at an international company but you need to improve your English skills in order to stay competitive in the international job market!

The Professional Student

You love to challenge yourself and learning Business English sounds like a great idea for future career opportunities!

THE Bottom Line

This course is for anyone who wants to improve their English and advance their career opportunities. Right now I am offering both of my courses – My Cover Letter Course and My Resume Course together, so that you can make a GREAT first impression on your journey to a great international career.




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*Including all of the Course Tools & Materials

FREE Cover Letter Course

Did you know? 

Your Cover Letter determines if an Employer will even read your RESUME.

YES, It’s THAT Important!

Your cover letter and your resume are two separate documents; each with a different purpose. Inside my course I will teach you how to write a Perfect Cover Letter in English to compliment your Resume.

Chatty Kathy English Courses

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Resume Course

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Resume Course + FREE Cover Letter Course
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Chatty Kathy English Courses

What Are Students Saying?

“Without Kathy, I wouldn’t have gotten the interview. Thanks to Kathy, I’ve got a new opportunity in my life.”

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“Thanks to Kathy’s courses, I have overcome the language barrier and now I feel more confident with my English!”

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“I’m really enjoying Kathy’s Career Preparation Courses. Kathy knows how to make them enjoyable while still paying attention to detail.”

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Chatty Kathy English Courses


Resume Course

This is an introductory price and will end soon!

Resume Course + FREE Cover Letter Course
Full Details

A SMALL Investment to make in YOUR Future